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About Logsmith Homes

We have been building quality log cabins for over 20 years now!  Our primary focus each day is quality, attention to detail, and completing your log cabin in a timely manner.  All of our employees are dedicated and perform their job with pride.  

Logsmith Homes was started years ago by a Boeing engineer who was searching for a log home package that:

-Is affordable;

-Competes with conventional construction;

-Can stand up to harsh Colorado weather conditions;

-Is more handcrafted looking than the typical milled log;

-Is easy to stack and seal.

In 1998 we began building our own rustic “D” style log kits which are still the most economical kits on the market today.  Also known as a “butt and pass”, this design features every other log extending out past the corner.  


In 2001 we created a 2 sided log with handcrafted saddle notched corners that matched the looks of any handcrafted kit at a fraction of the price.

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